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Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety

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Forklift Cribbing Kit

As a Master Distributor, Bluff Manufacturing can provide the best pricing for Turtle Plastic Forklift Cribbing Kits.    

Kits contain the basic Composite Cribbing and Wheel Chocks useful for safely working on forklifts.

  • NEW Forklift Stabilization Kit R includes 13 pieces
  • Kit contains two true 4”x4”x 22” and 4”x4”x48” composite components for masthead repair.
  • Combines both dura crib and dura stat components
  • A convenient carrying bag is provided for smaller parts
  • True, consistent sizing for the Dura Stat® mast supports provides strong, well-fitting, easy-to-use supports.
  • Bessey clamps are provided for use with the mast supports to provide additional security.
  • Multi-use blocks are provided with all three kits for blocking and raising forklifts for safer maintenance.


Cribbing – Technical Specs

  • Active versus Static Cribbing
    Active cribbing is used when a person is working near the cribbing. Static (or passive) cribbing is used to keep material off the ground to allow a forklift to operate.
  • Design Strength
    Crossgrain bearing design strength for traditional wood cribbing varies by wood species and quality (evenness of grain, presence of knots, etc.) from 200 PSI to 1000PSI. Plastic cribbing can sustain up to 700-1200 PSI creating a safer, longer-lasting and more durable cribbing base.
  • TOM (technical operations manual) 
    Available upon request.

For test data and MSDS information, visit

Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers is the leading source of cribbing information and recommends the following cribbing guidelines.

A. The bottom layer should be solid to spread the load, especially on soil or asphalt paving.
B. Limit height to 3 times width (shortest width for non-square cribs).
C. Overlap corner by 4 inches to assure slow crush-type failure.

Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Forklift Safety

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CRIBKITR Forklift Stabilization Kit R - 13 pc. Set