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Eye Wash Safety

Eye Wash Safety

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As a Master Distributor, Bluff Manufacturing can provide the best pricing for Turtle Plastic Eyewash Safety.  

Bluff Manufacturing and Turtle Plastics join forces to give you options to improve the safety, visibility and compliance of your eyewash stations.

Eyewash Mats

Individual tiles are pre-assembled for emergency eyewash stations.  Can also be used for shower stations and fireboxes.

Anti-Fatigue Mats: - buy our Super Soft Texture (model SS) to prevent fatigue where people are standing for long periods of time.  You can buy individual tiles or pre-assembled and stapled for a “mat-in-a-box”.

Anti-Slip Mats: Our standard mat (model 1212) has holes in the top to help drain liquids away from a walking surface.  If you have a lot of oil and want extra anti-slip protection, buy our Grit Top® Tile (model 1212-G).  It has an additional grit on the top surface to help prevent slipping on oil or even blood!

Our Standard tiles are designed for walking and are also available in 15 colors (model 1212-C) (see below).  Black is standard.

Our Hard tiles (model 1212-H) are designed for heavy traffic INCLUDING FORKLIFTS.  Black is standard, but yellow is available as an option (model 1212-H-C).

Solid Top Tiles (model S) are available for environments where a lot of small nuts, bolts and other hardware are used.   The solid surface will help prevent items from slipping through the holes.

Eyewash station mats and other emergency area mats are available to help prevent slips and falls in pre-kitted boxes. They come in 2’x2’, 3’x3’ and 4’x4’.  Three sides of each mat have a highly visible 2.5” yellow ramp to help prevent tripping.  Mats are available in green, orange and red.  Ideal for eyewash stations, firebox boxes, etc. 

  • Helps identify emergency stations with bright colors.
  • Available in orange, red or green (we recommend green for eyewash stations).
  • Open grid system whisks water away from the surface to prevent slipping and further injury.
  • Mat includes 2” yellow ramp on 3 sides to help prevent tripping.
  • Mat is 100% recycled plastic and made in the USA.

Eyewash Safety Kit

The Eyewash Safety Station includes a green 3’x3’ mat (above) plus sufficient Modular Protective Barrier (MPB) to designate an appropriate eyewash area as regulated by OSHA.

  • The Modular Protective Barrier (MPB) helps keep the required 3’ area clear as per OSHA and helps identify the area for the injured worker.

  • MPB serves as a visual guide for directing traffic and stacking away from the plumbing.

  • MPB is easily assembled by bolting to the floor (hardware not included).

  • Two kits are available to accommodate either a wall-mounted or free-standing eyewash station.

  • The wall-mounted kit includes the mat, 4 x 42” posts, and 8 linear feet of double rails.

  • The kit for a free-standing eyewash station includes the mat, 4 x 42” posts, and 17 linear feet of double rails.

  • Either kit gives you the flexibility to configure your own station.

  • For other options please call Bluff Manufacturing at

Eye Wash Safety

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Model Number Product Name
EWC-22 Eye Wash/Shower Mat - 2' x 2'
EWC-33 Eye Wash/Shower Mat - 3' x 3'
EWC-44 Eye Wash/Shower Mat - 4' x 4'
EWC-33-MPB-W Eye Wash Safety Kit for Wall-mounted Plumbing
EWC-33-MPB-NW Eye Wash Safety Kit for Free-Standing Plumbing